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Steel sheet piles

Steel Sheet Piles

ESC's sheet pile product line incorporates the largest number of profiles in the world, with over 450 profiles amongst 13 pile profile designs. The profiles vary from 3mm to 22.0mm thickness and 400mm width all the way up to 1,800mm.

These include Hot Rolled Sheet Piles, Cold Rolled Sheet Piles and Cold Formed Sheet Piles. ESC is a pioneer of Wide Profile Cold Formed Sheet Piles backed by global patents.

ESC has economically supplied sheet piles to projects from as little as 8 tons all the way up to an excess of 20,000 tons. We are proud to say we have delivered to every continent in the world, including Antarctica.

ESC Steel Engineering Sdn Bhd supplies a wide range of steel sheet piling from leading manufacturers. We are experienced in meeting the ever-changing civil works' requirements and in line with the most developed needs in terms of quality and performance. We provide expert engineering design services to offer our clients the best solutions to your projects.


We offer hot-rolled steel sheet piles, cold-rolled steel sheet piles, and cold-formed steel sheet piles. Our increasing product range includes CRZ Sheet Pile, HRZ Sheet Pile, CRU Sheet Piles, Hot Rolled U Sheet Piles, FL, CFW, BP Series Sheet Piling, combined wall system, complete anchorage tie back system, strutting system, and accessories.

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Product Photos

Z Type sheet pile ready stock
FSP type sheet piles
bp series sheet piles
cold-rolled Z sheet piles
FSP IV sheet piles
cold rolled U sheet piles

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