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Corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection can be effectively be utilised to increase the design life of a sheet piling system. ESC can provide a full suite of options for it's products from standard Coal Tar Epoxy Paints, Glass Flake Epoxy and other methods such as Hot Dip Galvanzation and Cathodic Protection.


Coating quality is guaranteed and full traceability are all standard in ESC QC Documentation. Handling and protective packing are also critical to any corrosion protection system. ESC's Quality Control Engineers are dedicated to preventing any product damage at any stage delivering to your site. 

Implementing Corrosion Protection can increase the design life, lower the pile specification because thicknesses losses are minimized, improve aesthetics and lower the maintenance period once installed. This section showcases the 4 main corrosion protection methods that are an option to our customers.

Coal Tar Epoxy Coating
coal tar epoxy coating.PNG

Coal Tar Epoxy Coating

Coal Tar Epoxy Coatings are the most commonly utilised corrosion protection steel sheet piles, due to their low-cost, high resistance to exposures in sea water, oil and chemicals. ESC can provide competitive solutions to the project requirements.

ESC uses internationally recognized coal tar epoxy paint brands and specifications that comply with project specifications around the world. Sand blasting to SSPC10 or NACE No 2 standards are the norm for ESC products. ESC's SSPC certified paint inspectors ensure quality of the end product's coating through all stages of preparation, application and testing. The standard colour of these coatings is black.

Glass Flake Epoxy coating
glass flake epoxy coating.PNG

Glass Flake Epoxy Coating

Glass Flake Epoxy Coatings are ideal for applications where there is expected to be impact and high abrasion environments. ESC applies strict quality controls and careful packing to ensure the coating is in pristine condition when the product arrives on your site.

Hot Dip Galvanization
hot dip galvanization.PNG

Hot Dip Galvanization

The process of Hot Dip Galvanization involves coating the steel sheet pile with a layer of zinc. This is achieved by immersing the steel sheet piles in a hot bath of molten zinc. It is considered an altenative form of corrosion protection than using paint systems and produces an aesthetic shiny surface. ESC has the experience and the contacts to apply such systems to its sheet piles.

Cathodic Protection
cathodic protection.PNG

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection involves electrically connecting a sacrificial element that preferentially corrodes over the structural steel sheet pile. It may be used as a supplementary form of corrosion protection on top of the corrosion coating system. ESC can offer its experience in the design, specification, and integration of a Cathodic Protection System for submerged Sheet Piles. 

Duplex Coating System
duplex coating system.PNG

Duplex Coating System

Duplex coatings consist of a combination of hot dip galvanization and traditional epoxy coating systems. While this is not a standard application, on special projects this may be required and ESC can offer such solutions.

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