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ESC Times 2021 August Edition

ESC Group sheet piling experts
ESC’s piling crew in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Steel is undeniably one of the most essential materials for most industrial sectors. During 2020 and now half way through 2021 uncertainty in the global Covid landscape and geopolitical situation remains a constant. Rising prices, limited capacities and high demand in the steel and shipping markets are the new norm. Navigating these challenges is at the forefront of ESC Group’s strategies. Everyone is in the same boat globally and we continue to strive to meet clients expectations and maintain our bottom line. The product and market diversification we have lead for the last 10 years has helped us weather this perhaps better than some. But, challenges remain into the first half of 2022 at least.” Bruce Colson, the President of ESC Group and ESC Steel LLC, discusses on the current standing of the Company in the global platform. He elaborates further on the following points encapsulating the whereabouts of the management sustainable masterplan.

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vinyl sheet pile supplier

One of the major benefits of using vinyl sheet piling is its resistance to corrosion, atmospheric, and biological factors which enables it to continue performing even beyond 50 years. Because of this, many manufacturers are always willing to give a full 50 years warranties to clients on purchases of vinyl sheet pile.

This means that in case the wall does not serve its intended life span, the manufacturer is liable for replacing or repairing it.


The recent membership of ESC Steel LLC with ASTM International is a guarantee to our valued clients worldwide of our genuine commitment in delivering high quality materials for all magnitudes of Engineering Projects. We will continue to invest in the development of world class materials that enhances not only safety but also consumer’s confidence through adherence to International Standards including ones set by the Organization.

ESC Asia Limited Team

ESC Asia Limited was established in Shanghai in October 2010. We are a united family, China has an old saying, “Unity is Strength”, which emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

ESC Middle East Loyalty Service Awarding Ceremony

ESC Group Middle East honored employees who for so many years through thick and thin, worked hard for its success all because of their unwavering loyalty and dedication to the company. A humble yet momentous Loyalty Service Awarding Ceremony was held late last year to recognize ESC family members and served as an expression of indebtedness to their longstanding service and extraordinary dedication.

ESC continues to thrive up to this day because of them. It is not because it’s inexpensive to compliment but more so because it is important to celebrate the people behind the many achievements of ESC Group Middle East.

ESC Philippines Team jogging

Usually for ESC Philippines, the day speeds by as each employee focus on the job at hand. However, despite the fast-paced atmosphere in the office, they were able to foster fun at the end of a productive day and connect with colleagues outside work hours which for them is of great help in strengthening their friendship and existing acquaintances among the team that is necessary for a more efficient collaboration.

More importantly, it helps them to be more productive in their work and is something that they can always look forward to after the daily hustle and bustle in the office.


ESC Employee Profile

Kevin is a highly competent and a strong team player in the workplace with a can-do attitude. He currently serves as Operations Director for ESC Asia Limited. As such, he manages overall operations, and a core part of his job is to keep an eye on essentially everything.

He always makes sure that documents are fully complying with the client’s requirement while ensuring competitive price and timely delivery of ESC products.


This pandemic has been a strange experience for all of us. After so many months of lockdown, we finally understood that coronavirus is here to stay, and we need to start to live with it while taking preventive measures.

There was fear in the heart right from March 2020 or maybe right from the day when we heard that the deadly virus started playing havoc in Wuhan. I too tested positive for the dreadful virus in 2020. I only got tested, through a nasal swab, because my colleagues tested positive, but I feel nothing, no coughs, no fever. I was asymptomatic and has been isolated.

ESC Nigeria Team

ESC Nigeria set out itself to be among the best construction solutions provider in Africa with its office located at Abuja, Nigeria. The team is composed of fifteen (15) highly efficient personnel led by Godfrey Oluwasegun Suberu, CEO of ESC Nigeria Ltd.

ESC Nigeria is always ready for anything and quick to respond to customer needs and concerns. Here is a glimpse of the daily hustle and bustle of ESC Nigeria team.

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